Michael Banis

Chief Development Officer

Michael Banis is the Chief Development Officer of Virtue Recovery Centers. Michael has over a decade of substance abuse and management experience with a determined mindset and drive to help people which comes from his personal experience in recovery and the desire to help those affected with substance use issues find a new way to live. Michael has assisted in developing and building programs in the Pacific Northwest and understands the needs of those suffering in addiction and afflicted with mental health issues. His goal is to bring comprehensive care to people with his team recruited from around the country to bring a more mental health and trauma informed approach to the addiction field. Michael advocates for treatment to be evidence based and client centered to better address each person’s individual needs and experience. Michael enjoys being hands on with each person and families of those that come to Virtue. Active in the fellowship he finds that we do recover and knows it is something we should not miss.

Nichole Crawford

Executive Director

Nichole is the Executive Director for Virtue at The Pointe. She has worked in the treatment field for nearly a decade. She has a heart for helping those in recovery and has continuously proven that she is dedicated to the clients that we serve. Nichole has extensive experience in the field of Substance Abuse Treatment and is committed to helping those in recovery rediscover themselves. She enjoys checking in with clients to ensure their comfortability during their stays and address any questions they may have. Nichole believes in treating each person with compassion to help them feel safe and comfortable through their recovery. She is always positive and is always happy to help clients in any way she can.

Michael Morgan

Military Veteran Liaison

Michael Morgan was 29 years in uniform and participated in multiple combat deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The first half of Michael Morgan’s military career was spent on the conventional side. He then switched to an assignment with the Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg North Carolina. In addition to Michael’s military service, both of Michael’s adult sons are currently serving in the Army.

Michael’s current passions are directed at supporting the community that has been so good to him the last 29 years. It saddens him to see so many of his Brothers and Sisters take their lives, struggle everyday with addiction and mental health disorders then become houseless. Michael understands and knows there is more he can do to help and made the decision to join the team at Virtue at the Pointe to become more of a driving force and have that direct impact on those that need support and assistance to navigate the process.