Virtue At The Pointe Recovery Center has a belief that overusing marijuana can lead to addiction and may open the door to other damaging substances.

Some claim that marijuana is a “gateway drug.” Drug addiction can be behavioral, and we treat these types of addictions as part of our Astoria drug rehab treatment program.

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What type of plant is Marijuana?

Marijuana derives from a cannabis plant that is cultivated and grown for different uses around the world. Marijuana plants have a ratio of two types of cannabinoid compounds.

Marijuana plants grown for recreational and/or health use are high-intoxicant types that have moderate to great amounts of a psychoactive chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is greater than the ratio of cannabidiol, (CBD). There are different strains of THC and ratios of CBD that can create chemical reactions with the person who uses it.

Marijuana Legalization

Currently, many states sell marijuana legally, as it has infiltrated the alternative medical community to assist with all types of disease including chronic pain. There are distilleries however that go unregulated, and buyers need to be overly cautious with purchasing.

The legalization of this substance has been hotly debated for several years. Due to conflicting and sometimes falsified information, regulatory and ethical standards in question, and philosophical differences on what substances are natural for healing or toxic have been at the center of the debate. Though marijuana statistically has not been shown to come close to the damage that alcohol has done to individuals and society regarding addiction, it has proved that when taken in large amounts it can change behavior and become an addictive substance which a person will need to detox from. Even small amounts can cause severe adverse effects on some people.

Short-Term Effects of Marijuana Use

Short-term effects of marijuana may include:

  • Increased feelings of happiness and euphoria
  • Uncontrolled laughing
  • Depression
  • Paranoia or the opposite- reduction in anxiety
  • Increased appetite
  • Slowed reactions
  • Difficulty with the thought process
  • Mild-moderate hallucinations
  • Decreased physical pain

Long-Term Effects of Marijuana Use

With the long-term use of THC, marijuana does increase dopamine levels in the brain and thereby decreases the natural production of it, which is the cycle of all addictive substances as the brain searches to produce more hormones. This will increase one’s chances of dependence on the drug.

Some people have experienced one or more of the following.

  • Putting off responsibilities
  • Decrease in production at work or school
  • Decrease in cognitive abilities, sometimes permanently
  • Memory loss, short and long term
  • Relationship problems
  • Increased use of other substances
  • Increase of depression

Though the long-term effects of marijuana use are serious, there are low percentages of direct THC overdose. It can however prove to be one of the reasons that expedite congenital conditions like heart problems.

How does Astoria Drug Rehab Help Marijuana Abuse and Addiction?

Marijuana Addiction and Marijuana Use Disorder are treated the same as any other substance abuse and detox of drug rehab in Astoria. An individual’s length of detox will be determined upon arrival and finding the history length, and amount of use. After our clients are stabilized, they move into the residential program with others. At Virtue Recovery, we strive to provide the answers to a gray area with marijuana use and behavioral and/or physical addiction. One of the benefits of residential treatment in Astoria Oregon at Virtue Recovery is that our clinicians will help uncover the psychological reasons which lead to substance use.

Withdrawal Symptoms with Marijuana Detox

Though some people have not experienced physical withdrawals in the past, the high THC strains which more are consuming, or smoking have shown to now cause a bio-physical detox response. Much of the withdrawal for people are l psychological and can cause moderate to severe mental stress.

During detox at our drug rehab in Astoria, some people experience anxiety levels raising which our staff will directly monitor and provide assistance. Other issues include mood changes and irritability, an awareness of body pains. Some people in detox also have mild shaking and tremors if their anxiety is increased. This is treated by our caring and compassionate staff who will help each person transition into the next phase of detox at our residential drug rehab.

During the [preliminary period of detox, sometimes people go through having low motivation for changing behavior, however, this usually decreases in 48-72 hours. Whether it is physical or mental, cravings for using marijuana can continue much longer.

The withdrawal process in detox from marijuana is not the same severity as other substances such as heroin, prescription pills, alcohol, methamphetamine, or cocaine, though the underlying origin of the behavior can be very similar.

If you have become dependent upon marijuana or THC in edible form, and find that your life has changed because of it, Virtue Recovery Center in Astoria Oregon’s drug and alcohol treatment program is ready to help you.