A co-occurring disorder means that an individual has both an addiction use disorder and a mental health disorder at the same time. These are 2 distinct, separate issues. It is widely accepted in the field that to treat one of these disorders without treating the other is to invite a relapse. Addicts often use drugs to self-medicate their mental health issues. Statistically, 80% of all addicts suffer from a co-occurring mental health disorder. While many treatment facilities call themselves a co-occurring facility, most only attempt to treat the addiction in truth. At Virtue at the Pointe we know that to maintain sustained abstinence from an addiction, the mental health disorder must also be treated. Our clinical staff is experienced in treating co-occurring disorders, and all patients are evaluated for a co-occurring disorder at intake. If a co-occurring disorder is detected, the patient is given a personalized program that addresses addiction and mental health issues.